Bookkeeping Services

Benefits of Bookkeeping Services

  1. Cost saving compared to hiring full time accounting staff
  2. Avoiding the hassle of handling accounting staff turnover
  3. Time save on accounting staff training and guidance
  4. Minimized risks by allowing the experts to handle the accounts
  5. Reduce Fraud, as we are an independent/neutral party
  6. Improved decision making with updated company’s account
  7. Access to expert advice if required to improvise accounting flow

Since starting, we have helped our clients save 15% of their monthly overheads by engaging our services!

Roman Vernidub ( Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2019)

 I was meeting different people and when I found Neutral Consulting, they explained to me everything in detail. I was very satisfied with their services and after that, I decided to work with Neutral Consulting as a consultant and accountant because I trusted them as a reliable partner here in Malaysia. 

Lorraine (Director, Jolly Seeds Sdn Bhd)

I have to write and thank Neutral Consulting for their good service, helpfulness, and caring attitude throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. They have gone out of their way to help us and have acted professionally. We at Jolly Seeds Sdn Bhd are very grateful to Neutral Consulting for their continual good service

Maurice (Director, MikeBikes Sdn Bhd)

Their services with extremely reasonable rates are very professional, at the same time in a personal way and exudes top quality. The reliability is highly consistent and requests for clarity about all kinds of areas are fulfilled very well. Ng and his team knows all the things about human values and ethical business.

How it Works

  1. Detail discussion to understand the company’s bookkeeping requirement
  2. Explaining in detail how outsourcing works
  3. Propose an accounting solution together with a quotation
  1. Setting up the entire Bookkeeping Process and System
  2. Collecting the accounting document either Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly
  3. Submit Financial Report at the agreed timeline. Ex: 5pm, 15th of the month
  4. Highlighting Financial notes that require business attention
  5. Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly meeting with our accountant

Our Accountant

Ng Wing Siang
Chartered Accountant


Member of Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), UK
Member of Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA), Malaysia
Xero’s Certified Advisor

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