Accounting Services in Malaysia

What is Accounting Services?

Accounting Services involve the preparation of a full set of accounts including highlighting and analyzing the company financial report. The account will only be prepared monthly or weekly to ensure the business owner obtains the financial data faster in order to make a better decision.

Businesses can choose either to hire internal accounting staff or outsource their accounting. This will be the service that an accounting firm or service provider provides to the company in preparing or managing their company’s account.

Outsource accounting save 30% of cost comparing to hiring full time staff

Scope of Services


Prepare Financial Report from the document provided
Provide analysis from the Financial Report
Highlight item that requires business owner attention
Provide Financial Report according to agreed timeline
Continuously relook on additional data to contribute

Provide us the document monthly; invoices, bill, etc
Review your company Financial Performance
Feedback to us if require additional data/assistance

List of Services

  1. Bookkeeping Services
  2. Accounting Services
  3. Consolidation Accounts
  4. Setup of Accounting System
  5. Accounting Advisory
  6. Outsource Accountant

Types of Accounting Report

  1. Profit & Loss
  2. Balance Sheet
  3. Account Receivable
  4. Account Payable
  5. Analysis and Highlights of company performance
  6. Other additional customized reports


  • Cost saving compared to hiring full time accounting staff
  • Avoiding the hassle of handling accounting staff turnover
  • Time save on accounting staff training and guidance
  • Minimized risks by allowing the experts to handle the accounts
  • Reduce Fraud, as we are an independent/neutral party
  • Improved decision making with updated company’s account

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