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Employment Pass

The Employment Pass (EP) is a work permit that enables an expatriate to take up employment with an organisation in Malaysia. The pass is subject to the contract of employment (up to 60 months). The Expatriate Committee (EC) or relevant authorities must give approval for the foreign talent to fill a position before the issuance of an expatriate Employment Pass can be made by the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

Dependant Pass

Employment Pass holders are eligible to apply for a Dependant Pass (DP) for their spouses, children under 18 years of age, legally adopted children under 18 years of age, or parents.

Special Pass

The Special Pass (SP) is a temporary pass which is issued by the Immigration Department to allow foreign nationals to extend their stay in Malaysia due to ‘special’ circumstances; for example, illness, an accident, conflict in a foreign national’s home country etc

Residence Pass

Residence Pass is a pass issued to any foreign national who falls under any category specified under Regulation 16A, Immigration Regulations 1963.

  • A person with family ties with a Malaysian citizen
  • A person with family ties with a Permanent Resident of Malaysia
  • Ex-Malaysians.


The Malaysia My Second Home program is an international residency scheme enacted by the Government of Malaysia to allow foreigners to live in the country on a long-stay visa of up to 10 years.

Must be registered with:

a. The Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) under Companies Act 1965; OR
b. The Registry of Societies Malaysia (ROS) under the Organization Act 1966; OR
c. Other bodies (e.g. co-operatives) registered under the relevant laws of Malaysia.

Expatriate Employment Pass applications in the following sectors or regions will still be under the preview of the following Approving Authorities:

  • Manufacturing (Malaysian Investment Development Authority)
  • MSC Malaysia status & ICT (Multimedia Development Corporation)
  • Banking, Finance & Insurance (Bank Negara Malaysia)
  • Capital market (Securities Commission of Malaysia)
  • Government Contractual Posts (Public Services Department)
  • Expatriate jobs in the ECERDC Region (East Coast Economic Region Development Council)
  • Expatriate jobs in the IRDA Region (Iskandar Regional Development Authority)
  • Others (Immigration Department of Malaysia)

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