Tax Incentives

MSC Malaysia Status is awarded by the Government of Malaysia to eligible local and foreign ICT related businesses. MSC Malaysia Status companies are eligible for attractive incentives, rights, and privileges which promote continued growth for businesses, the industry and the Malaysian economy.
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The Promotion of Investments Act, 1986 provides for companies proposing to manufacture promoted products or engage in promoted activities to apply for Pioneer Status or Investment Tax Allowance. The companies undertaking manufacturing activities may also apply for expatriate posts.
BioNexus is a special status awarded to qualified international and Malaysian biotechnology companies. The status bestows fiscal incentives, grants and other guarantees to assist growth. This status is awarded to qualified companies undertaking value-added biotechnology and/or life sciences activities.
Various tax incentives are already available for the private education institutions. Tax incentives offer relief from payment of direct or indirect tax partially or fully. The rationale for giving the tax incentives is to promote the development of training in a specific sector.
A company undertaking integrated logistics services, whether new entrants or existing logistics services providers intending to expand/diversify into integrated operations are eligible for Pioneer Status or Investment Tax Allowance.
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Companies providing cold chain facilities and services for perishable agricultural products i.e. fruits, vegetables, flowers, ferns, meat and aquatic products are eligible for Pioneer Status or Tax Investment Tax Allowance.