Setting Up Business in Malaysia

  • How to set up a company in Malaysia?
  • How to obtain Visa for foreign expatriate
  • Eligbile to open bank account?
  • What incentive will my company get?
  • What’s the first step?

These are the common question ask by foreign business owner.

Even there are few who incorporated a company in Malaysia, only come to realise that they are not allowed to operate in Malaysia mainly due to visa issue.

Yes, foreign company can incorporate with a minimum paid up capital of RM2. However, having a company in Malaysia doesn’t mean that the foreign investors/directors can already stay in Malaysia for long term. The foreign investors/directors would still be required to go through a work permit process to stay here for long term.

Matters to consider before setting up company in Malaysia:

  1. Engaging the right consultant based on your business expansion plan in Malaysia
  2. Checking the elibility of working Visa in Malaysia for your expatriate team
  3. Discussing the tax incentive available in Malaysia
  4. Other factor to consider such as market opportunity, language, etc.

Note: It is very important for a company to engage with the right consultant/company secretary who will provide an end to end consultation. A detail study is important especially on the company objective and long term plan. All these will greatly affect the method of incorporation and company structure.

There are many ways of incorporating a well established company in Malaysia especially for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry. MSC Malaysia Status is one of the way.

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