MDEC Expats

What is MDEC Expats?

The MDEC Expats is under eXpats Service Centre where it is a department within the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation Sdn. Bhd. (MDEC)

At the eXpats Service Centre, companies are able to obtain valid relevant passes for their Foreign Knowledge Workers (FKW). Apart from MSC Status companies, MDEC eXpats is able to cater to fully operational companies utilising ICT Company as their core business activity.

MDEC Expats Criteria

  1. A company incorporated in Malaysia.
  2. The Company’s nature of business should be ICT-related and the business is required to be active, not dormant
  3. The Company should have their own individual office premises
  4. The minimum paid-up capital for a Private Limited Company/ Public Listed Company is as per table below.
    100% Locally Owned  RM250,000
    Local and Foreign Owned  RM350,000
    100% Foreign Owned  RM500,000
  5. List of qualifying activities

    INFOTECH: Development and provision of digital information and platform technologies such as application software, hardware design and business platforms

    GLOBAL BUSINESS SERVICES (GBS): Provision of services utilizing digital technologies including Global Business Services, Centers of Excellence and software development services

    CREATIVE CONTENT TECHNOLOGY: Delivery of content utilizing digital technologies including movie and games animation, business information, digital platform content and business research

    • Trading i.e. reselling of hardware and software
    • Manufacturing
    • Provision of telecommunication services
    • ISP Staffing services (recruitment agency)
    • Event management
    • Training and consultancy
    • E-news and e-publishing
    • Advertising

MDEC Expats Foreign Knowledge Workers (FKW) Quota

The definition of “knowledge worker” is an individual who holds one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Holds a tertiary qualification from an institution of higher learning (in any field); or
  2. Holds a diploma in multimedia/ICT or another specialised ICT certification plus at least 2 years’ relevant experience in multimedia/ICT or an equivalent field; or
  3. Has held a professional, executive, management or technical work position in information technology (“IT”) enabled services (e.g. IT / IS Professionals, Finance / Accounting, Business Administration)
  4. Salary: a MINIMUM monthly salary of RM3,000.00
  5. Industry / Sector: Applicant working with companies in ICT sector only.

Type of Passes Malaysia

  1. Employment Pass
  2. Dependant Pass
  3. Social Visit Pass (Long Term)

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